my drawings today



Me and my cousin today

Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still here! Today I’m going to my cousin’s house in Forest City for a SLEEPOVER! They have a POOL with a DIVING BOARD!!! 😀

my tiny book

I wrote a tiny autobiography: "Me" by Tess Ptak


Me and my Sissy

Lego tree

   The tree is made up of all rare legos! 😀

Lego House

I made a lego house!! The roof was, like, SO hard to do!

But, at least it was done correctly! 😀

The little beige sphere legos next to the door are flower planters.

Also, the little slanted blue lego is stairs.

I’m upgrading it now!

Tomorrow it’ll have a big garage with a little car AND people!

My flower dish.

I made this for Mom and Dad in after-school Art Club.

My little dinner set.

Carrot, corndog, spaghetti (not worms), meatballs, knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, and pizza

Hi! I’m so excited about my new blog! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I made an awesome dinner play set out of a 10 pound lump of clay, and I’m making a kitchen set…

Well, I’ll post a picture of the sets.

(The plate is smaller than a quarter.)

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